Atlantic Crossing - Day 8

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Thu 1 Jul 2010 14:36
47:04.200N 09:48.000W

Big changes since our last update, but nothing as severe as we anticipated .

We managed to skim the edge of the Low, and as the wind picked up to only
about 20-25 knots overnight, we surfed our way NE with a big swell from
behind. We are now continuing our track direct NE to Falmouth, with the
genoa up and one engine running, as the wind has dropped again.

It's raining, grey, and damp, damp, damp .. We really feel like we're
nearing home now! But least it's given us a good excuse to bake more treats
(scones by Ali, coconut paps by Jon).

We've lost track of the how many whales we've seen, some huge ones, and some
just a little too close for comfort, all blowing as they pass. Another good
reason to run the engines. But it's been magical. And the dolphins haven't
let us down either, appearing every day and night, some of the most
acrobatic we've seen so far: double side flips and full frontal spins at
Talulah's bow.

Our chartplotter went down this morning, and as Jon & Shane don their
theatre greens and white clogs, it's just had its pre-med and is about to
undergo surgery, with Kate standing by (she's a nurse and a midwife). So
fingers crossed. Not the best time to lose our radar and AIS as we approach
the English Channel. (Hoorah - Shane has just called out the surgery was
successful, and he's managed to reset all the original settings, including
radar & AIS, clever chap!)

Otherwise all well aboard, as we dream of a beer and curry in Falmouth
hopefully this weekend!?