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The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Tue 27 Apr 2010 20:41


Our time anchored in Falmouth Harbour went on as it did before.  We were there for 2 weeks, enjoying the festivities surrounding the Classics Regatta Week and the start of racing week (unfortunately the boat that offered Shane a position as crew filled all it slots when they couldn’t make contact with us on vhf radio). With lots of cruising friends all anchored in the harbour, topped by our dear friends Will (OSTAR winner!) and Tam on “Elmarleen” announcing their engagement, at the top of Shirley Heights,  there was yet more celebration!  As exhaustion hit us all, we all set sail our different ways – some south and some north, and on Friday, for us it was just around the corner to a beautiful and quiet spot on the east coast of Antigua, off Green Island.  With the help of little wind, we managed to experiment a bit with our new rigging system on the mainsail.  Still needs a little tweaking, but our repairs look like they may be an improvement on the original, and the boom is now secure!


Anchored in 4 ft of clear turquoise water, just off the reef, we spent the next two days diving down and scrubbing the barnacles and weed off Talulah’s props and bottom.  As our dive tank didn’t work (missing O ring), it was a case of “see how long I can hold my breath for” as we scraped and scrubbed, and also attacked our anchor chain which had picked up some nasty stuff in Falmouth Harbour!  This was not helped as the wind picked up and brought yet more stormy weather with it.  At least the island is at last getting some much needed rain!


Yesterday, as Shane worked (o yes, again!) on the SSB radio wiring, (we can at last be heard!! well, for now…) we headed across the bay to anchor outside the recently developed “Nonsuch Bay Resort”.  Not another boat in sight.  Within minutes a dinghy appeared and a voice shouted up “Welcome, mon!  Dinghy over to de dock, mon …. all is quiet, you are so welcome to use de bar, de pool, d’ internet….”  We were over there in a flash.  Never has a “resort” welcomed a “yachtie” with such enthusiasm; never have 2 hot and sweaty yachties dived into a pool, cocktail in hand, so fast…


So here we sit, and with heavy hearts we have finally reached a decision on our plans over the next few months…..  we have decided (very reluctantly) to sail our beloved and still wonderful Talulah back across the Atlantic to the UK (setting off next month) to sell her in the UK.  Our adventure is not over, (we still have yet to cross the Atlantic, a far longer passage east than it was west!), and our travels on the water will continue, but for where we want to go and what we want to do from here, we need to make some changes.


…..However, knowing us, don’t be too surprised if our next blog is from down south in Trinidad or Colombia with a total change of plan…!





The Girls: Ali “Talulah”, Welly “Rapau”, Sue “Spruce” and Daria “Aleria” help celebrate Will and Tam’s “Elmarleen” engagement.



A sobering reminder to never let your guard down, as this recent wreck on the reef at Green Island, Antigua demonstrates.



Far more peaceful for us as we lie at anchor on the other side of Green Island, Antigua, in about 4 feet of water.  And scrub the boat’s bottom for 2 days.



The view from where we sit as we write this in Nonsuch Bay Resort.



Ooh la la!  A swimming pool.  The next stop over Ali’s shoulder is Africa.



Same again (if you ignore the small islets that are in the way).  This one’s Shane.