News from Fowey

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Thu 16 Jul 2009 18:46

After 5 days anchored up in Dittisham, sitting out bad weather, we finally set out on another wet 7 hours to Foye today.  We had dragged anchor 2 nights running with the gusts howling down the River Dart.  With a second anchor out on both occasions, the anchors wouldn’t hold two-hull Talulah.  On Tuesday night we instinctively woke at 2am to find ourselves only 20 metres off Anchor Stone rock, and had to move and re-anchor, yet again in a howling gale.  The following day the Harbour Master suggested we moor up bow and stern between 2 mooring bouys back in Dartmouth.  So we made the most of going ashore for laundry, beer, wine and bright lights!  Followed by our first interrupted sleep in days.

So now in Foye, and hopefully onto Falmouth in the next couple of days;  however, our hopes of leaving Falmouth for the Biscay crossing down to NW Spain this Sunday are out the window with low pressure over the next week.  So at the moment we’re looking at around 26th, all going well….

Talulah is being a good home and we love her.  Bad weather days are spent playing with electrics, alternators, building and fixing shelves, drinking wine and contemplating our journey ahead.