Atlantic Crossing - Day 16

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Mon 31 May 2010 11:50
34:57.572N 37:39.702W

We are moving again! No more "heave-to."

The last couple of days we have been sailing north, south, east and west,
trying to dodge the nasty weather systems building up all around us.
Sometimes heading to South America, then Africa, the USA and once back
towards the Caribbean. However, yesterday afternoon, after a morning of
drifting and putting the boat back together, inside and out, after her gale
battering, fixing the port engine with new filters, pumping out water,
resecuring locker lids, refilling the tanks with fuel from cans, we decided
to put both engines on and plough on into it (the wind) and head straight
for the Azores.

Dolphins have swum alongside and danced at our bows two days running: big
ones, small ones and some spotty ones. I sing out to them, I think they
like it. The boys don't . (sing, or like it).
No fish on the hook, (we could do with some), but apparently that's the norm
heading this way, so we are pleased with the three we caught.

We have seen no sun in days, it's raining, grey, damp and occasionally
foggy. The big angry seas and howling wind have calmed down for now, though
it's still lumpy and bumpy, and the grib files show a good, favourable
forecast for the next few days .. So fingers crossed!

And hey, we're moving!!!