Update from Brighton

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Thu 9 Jul 2009 08:01




So, Nick, Shane and Ali didn’t actually set sail til yesterday, 8th.  We sat out the thunder and lightning storm in Brighton Marina, o joy, for another day, and spent £500 in Asda stocking up on years’ worth of supplies.  Unwrapped all the cans, relabelled them in ink, and stowed them away where we now can’t find them!

Yesterday we cast off at 1200 and after 6 ½ hours, in a Force 4 on the nose all the way, arrived back in Itchenor, Chichester.  Good to be home!

Exhausted after weeks of packing up, re-homing the dogs, moving out of home, storing boxes, selling cars, diggers … not to mention all the emotional farewells and fantastic send-off (too much champagne??) we hoped to get some kip enroute, but the bridgedeck slamming said no.

Thanks so much to all those who helped us pack, wrap, and move onboard – we just couldn’t have done it without you!  Thanks also to all those who made sure we departed with a great hangover!  Today we set off to Weymouth …  Talulah already feels like home, and the 3 of us are finally relaxing and full of excitement.