News & photos from Vigo, Northwestern Spain

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Sun 9 Aug 2009 14:46

42:14.275N 08:43.374W


…And so after a Damp and windy few days in Camaret Sur Mer, France, (great walks and a welcoming rum bar), we finally had a small weather window to head across the dreaded Bay of Biscay. With some trepidation, the Talulah Team (Shane, Ali and Jonathan) cast off our lines at 5 A.M. in the pre-dawn light on Wednesday 5th August.  There wasn’t enough wind to fill the sails so we decided to motor along for the first bit.  Surely the wind would pick up soon and we’d be sailing along.  56 hours later we rounded Cape Finisterre with the engines still going.  Still… it was better than we could have hoped for and infinitely better than Biscay’s fearsome reputation.


We soon settled into a routine of watchkeeping and sleeping, (or trying to!), and the long North Atlantic swell had us all relaxed and comfortable, especially after crossing the continental shelf, where the nearest land suddenly went from about 150 meters away to 4 kilometers away.  Unfortunately the only way to get to it was to go straight down!  Not something any of us wanted to try.


It was such a treat to get the visits from dolphins.  These happy little chaps announcing their presence with a splash and a jump.  It seems a bit unfair that they should be called Common Dolphins, the smiles they gave us meant they were anything but common to us.


We finally arrived In Vigo at 10pm on Friday 7th August, tired but exhilarated, with Jonathan at the helm.  After calling ahead to reserve a space, we entered into an impossibly tight marina, only to be shooed out and sent to a spot around the corner.  They have these fellows called Marineros whose job it is to show you into your berth and help you tie up.  Unfortunately we got the one with very special needs who promptly cast a line into our propeller, jumped into his dingy and buggered off, leaving us to sort out the mess!!!



They didn’t tell us in the travel guides that when we arrived there’d be a huge youth / “X games” festival going on in the marina with thumping music and screaming announcers and hordes of spectators.  Perfect for an exhausted crew in need of rest!  Nevertheless, we tried our best to relax and enjoy. Hmmm!

Vigo itself has been very interesting, and even though perhaps not the ideal holiday destination, it’s been well worth the visit.


We’ve said a temporary goodbye to Jonathan who’s gone south to holiday with his family, where they’ll then join us on Talulah, and we’ll all enjoy a bit of fun in the sun on the lovely Algarve beaches.  We loved having him on board, and really look forward to the next meeting.


So now the two of us are making preparations to head off south to Portugal with a few stops between here and the Algarve.  We’re trying break our sail down to a series of 24 hour hops …..



A bay near Camaret Sur Mer, France.  Beautiful!



Trying unsuccessfully to hook a bit of dinner, with France disappearing over the horizon.



Some welcome visitors



You can’t help but smile



Sunset over the Bay of Biscay.  What lies in store for the night ahead?



Hah Hah! All’s well with some sun at last



Work harder!! Put some muscle into it.



What the…?  Where did he come from?  Where was he going? Another visitor who stopped for a rest.



Cape Finisterre to port.  The westernmost point of a landmass that stretches all the way east to the Baring Straits, Siberia



We sailed all this way for a view of…. A wall!!

Jonathan & Ali finally get to open the Bollinger In Vigo, Northwest Spain, at last.



Talulah at night.  Nestled down and snug in Vigo.



Skippers job is never done.  Shane preparing to go down and free our fouled prop. Yuk!!



Another view of our intrepid hero.



The rewards are worth it.  Seafood feast, Al fresco.



What you looking at?  I know they don’t mind staring, but this is ridiculous.