News from Dartmouth

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Mon 13 Jul 2009 10:57

50:48,503N 000:51,949W

50:36,695N 002:26,625W

50:22,687N 003:35,222W


After a night anchored in Itchenor, Chichester, and picking up Edmund (Ali’s bro) we set sail for Weymouth on Thursday 9th, where we anchored 10 hours later, with  Force 6 on the nose all the way.  Poor Talulah got a belly bashing all day, and we soon realised “I Spy” was a short-lived game to pass the time!  The upwind slamming makes it hard to do anything, but we did manage to make lasagne, (though most of it ended up on the oven and galley floor), which we guzzled as the sun went down overlooking Weymouth with the beautiful Jurassic cliffs behind us.


On Friday 10th another 9 hours slamming upwind, Force 6, til we arrived in Dartmouth (where we bought Talulah 9 months ago).  It felt good to bring her home again, and lovely to be back here.  We found a fairly sheltered spot to anchor near Dittisham, Nick and Ali were reminded of the Amazon, while Shane thought the surrounding tree tops looked like broccoli.  We caught mackerel for dinner (Shane now known as Tackle Tape as his rod appears at every opportunity!) and were joined by Micky (Ali’s uncle) for dinner on Saturday night, which was great fun, though very wet and gusty.  After we dropped both Edmund and Micky ashore, the wind shifted at bedtime threatening to blow Talulah aground, and we had a mad and very wet hour putting out kedge anchors to keep the boat secure.  We spent yesterday drying everything out and fixing electrics and bits on the boat, and today (Monday 13th) are setting off to Salcombe.