Atlantic crossing - Day 6

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Fri 21 May 2010 15:22
27:42.219N 56:56.397W

Talulah still bashing her way through it, the brave girl! The seas are
still big, lumpy and confused (or bewildered as Shane puts it), the slamming
and the pounding being the worst part of it. Last night I was airborne as I
tried to kip below! However, we are now becoming well accustomed to it, and
accept that every task takes a little more effort and patience, as we and
Talulah's contents get thrown about. We long for the more rhythmic swell.
The self-steering windvane has been doing well, and so far no engine or
autopilot since we set off. Hoorah!
The wind tends to really pick up at night, so we're reefing early, to
prepare for the many squalls which head our way. Big ones this-morning,
with some fantastic heavy rainstorms.
The daytime temperature has dropped from the high 30's to the mid 20's now,
and nights are even getting a tad chilly. Shane and Ali are dusting the
mould off their fleeces and oilies, whilst Jon's still have the air of the
"Persil Automatic" about them.
We eat one good cooked meal a day, and graze the rest of the time. Our last
bit of fresh meat almost walked itself into the cooking pot! So with
fishing lines trolling, we live in hope.. (so far just one flying fish has
landed on the deck this morning, but we haven't got quite got to that stage
of frying him yet.) Even our 72 eggs are going mouldy!
We've not seen any marine life as yet - no playing dolphins, whales .. Maybe
it's just too rough. Just a few birds (who fill us with awe), and night
watches bring the mesmerising phosphorescence in the breaking waves and the
shooting stars.