Atlantic Crossing - Day 8

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Sun 23 May 2010 15:43
30:13.470N 53:51.339W

Well, no sooner had I sent the last blog update, when we heard that familiar
"zeeeeeee..." Oh yes, we caught a lovely Mahi Mahi, and again feasted on
sashimi with wasabi & soy sauce, followed by baked fish with lime and fried
plantain. Not a bad fea(s)t in a big rolly sea!

There are some nasty weather fronts forming north of us, and south west of
us, so we are now motor sailing northeast to keep south of one and ahead of
the other.

Duvets are now out of vacuum packs, oilies out at night, and we continue to
bash on into it, though last night gave us some respite with a few hours of
relatively settled seas. However, it's back up again to its familiar lumpy
self this-morning! Slam slam slam. Not sighted another sailboat or ship in 4
days now.

We got the fishing line tangled in the starboard prop early this-morning, so
Jon took a very early dip, tied on, to cut it free. Well you know how it is
- me and Shane, been there and done that, and Jon's never had the chance to
swim mid-Atlantic, so who were we to hold him back??

We also lost the bottom slider on the mainsail overnight - which acts as a
stopper for all the others (these attach the mainsail to the mast, and slide
it up and down)- so with saw and tool box out, a replacement block / stopper
in wood has been made and lashed to the bottom of the mast with straps.

So fingers crossed... otherwise all well onboard and we're all in good