20 hours into Atlantic!

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Thu 3 Dec 2009 09:38

27:03.924N 18:49.764W

We finally slipped the lines from La Gomera at 1pm yesterday, Wednesday 2nd
December, for our Atlantic crossing ... poor Talulah sitting yet lower in
the water as the jerry cans are filled to the brim with spare fuel and
water, more tins crammed into the bilges, and bimini hammocks swing wildly
with oranges and bananas!
It was sad to leave San Sebastian, Gomera, so soon, certainly our favourite
island in the Canaries, but we had a lovely send-off by "Flo" as we headed
out into yet another 2 pods of Pilot whales, again they came within feet of
us, awesome.
With no wind to begin with, followed by very mixed wind, we have been
playing with the sails continuously all night, and the sea has been unkindly
rough, waves breaking into the cockpit, but it will hopefully calm a little