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The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Mon 1 Feb 2010 19:05

12:29.014N 061:28.942W


12:35.742N 061:24.942W


In Tyrrel bay we took the bus again to Hillsborough to look for more electrical wire for the SSB radio, hydraulic fluid for the autopilot, bananas and potatoes for the cockpit hammocks and fresh meat if we could find it.  We spent some time with Alex & Daria (“Aleria”) anchored next to us (this is the 4th time we’ve ended up as anchor neighbours since Santa Cruz, the Canaries!!  All coincidence, and nothing to do with the fact that Alex makes a mean and lethal Rum Punch onboard ….)


At nights it has been gusting in excess of 30 knots (boats have been dragging onto reefs taking out other boats with them nearby) so sleep has not been restful and one or the other of us has been popping out to check our holding every hour or 2).


On Friday 29th, on the bus back to Tyrrel Bay, we hopped off at Paradise Beach, and found ourselves standing, at last, in the centre pages of the brochure picture for the Caribbean – this is what we sailed 5,500 miles to experience.  A mile long empty beach of pure white sand and clear, turquoise water lapping our toes.  Squealing with delight, we ran along the beach, swam, raced back to Talulah and got her ready to sail first thing the next morning, anchoring just off Sandy Island, opposite Paradise Beach


Sailing in these parts often requires one of us to stand on the bow with polarised sunglasses, looking out for reefs.  As we dropped anchor off Sandy Island, we saw our friends, Andre and Yves from “Panorama” (we met in Grenada) following us.  After diving down to check the anchor was well set, (which we always do), we had a glorious day of snorkelling, swimming and exploring Sandy Island (it takes 5 minutes on the tiny deserted island!), as the only 2 boats anchored here overnight, we all sat on Talulah and had sundowners watching a spectacular sunset.  Andre then suggested a “pot luck” supper … hoorah, I thought, and got busy baking soda bread and making salads and stews of what little vegetables we had left.  An hour later Andre and Yves appeared back on Talulah carrying a huge chest freezer with them.  Heaving it onboard, they started unpacking Japanese plates, home-made soy sauces and a feast of home-made crab and caviar noodle spring rolls, seared fresh tuna, cold champagne and good French wine and cheese (they are from Quebec) …. My bread, aubergine stew and potato salad were not quite of the same calibre, but were politely tasted nevertheless.  All was enjoyed and we feasted like kings.  It was heaven.  (Fresh food is hard to find out here, surprisingly even fruit and vegetables, unless you are lucky enough to come across a small roadside stall selling freshly picked fruit… )


Afterwards, at midnight in the moonlight, we went ashore to Sandy Island to make a fire.  A mountain of rubbish was collected, along with driftwood, and the fire duly lit.  After an hour or two of fire-gazing, we clambered back into our beached dinghies with heavy eyelids and heads, and returned to our respective boats…


We spent another day and night at Sandy Island, chilling and swimming and snorkelling, and this-morning (Monday 1st February) headed over to Hillsborough, dropped anchor and checked out of Carricaou / Grenada with customs and immigration.  After buying a few provisions we had a bumpy 3 hour beat in Force 6 up to Union Island, where we are about to check in for our next few weeks cruising around the Grenadines and St Vincent.



Paradise Beach, Carriacou, with Sandy Island in the distance on right



Pamela Anderson eat your heart out!!  (by Shane)



Buddha on a log, Paradise Beach (Eat your heart out The Hoff – by Ali)



View from Talulah at anchor, Shane snorkelling off the reef, Sandy Island



Sunset, anchored off Sandy Island, with The Sisters rocks silhouetted



Andre & Yves (“Panorama”) come to Talulah with a heavenly feast served on their

Japanese plates (with Ali’s home-baked  baps…)




Men make fire with rubbish collected, Sandy Island, woman goes hunting..



Men made fire, drink beer, woman still out hunting … life good…