News from Baleeira, South Portugal

The Talulah's Web Diary
Ali Pery / Shane Warriker
Sat 15 Aug 2009 19:42



37:00.828N 08:55.627W


We left Bayona, Spain, at 1000 on Wed 12th August, (having survived the pig flu at anchor), and headed out for our 48 hr sail down the coast of Portugal.  Started with both sails up, but as the wind dropped, so did the Main, and later on the Genoa.  So did our clothes – a beautiful warm day, (light northerlies all the way) and other than constantly hopping around endless lobster pots, all was calm. We saw lots of sunfish (huge, amazing & peculiar looking fish) and the dolphins swam with us for a while. After a stunning sunset, we were suddenly enveloped by thick fog, which stayed with us for the next 24 hrs.  We couldn’t see the bottom of the mast, and as we got the fog horn, grab bag, and white flares to hand, we realized how appreciative we were for investing in radar chartplotter with AIS.  It was a fairly stressful 24 hrs with no sleep (tho we tried shifts) as we did our best to avoid, and be avoided by, tankers and fishing boats.  To add to the stresses, despite checking reports carefully before leaving, our Navtex was not receiving any weather information, and we are having to carefully log engine hours as the fuel gauges are down. We took it in turns to sit at the helm with eyes glued to the radar screen, and after a few close misses, the fog finally lifted the following night.

We arrived at Baleeira, (Sagres), Southern Portugal, at  0830 yesterday (Fri 14th), and dropped anchor.  Its 35 deg, we had a couple of beers, dived off the side of the boat, and then slept …….. until …. Yep…Shane got his fish..!!!




Still trying hard … enroute



…. Dinner at last!!!   big ‘king mackerel ….   Baleeira