Tuesday, 20 June 2023, 08.00 GMT

Tue 20 Jun 2023 08:25
Yesterday was a pleasant summer sail with the wind back on the beam taking us on a direct course for the Lizard. In the morning winds were southerly at 7 to 8 Kn and boat speed was 3.5 to 4 Kn. To keep us encouraged the wind picked up a little and lifted the speed to 5 Kn. To shatter that peace with motor sailing wound have been an intrusion into the gentle swish of water along the hull. As described by a friend - we’re riding a magic carpet gently gliding back to home.

Ah! Spoken too soon. At 19.30 the wind became very light and to maintain any progress we were heading NE towards west of the Scillies. On with the engine and motor sailing to the Lizard. We’ll see what the night brings. We are seeing a lot more ships with two changing course to give us a wider berth. It was very dark in the night with lots of rain and lightening with boats continually appearing, via AIS, on the chart plotter. Just after midnight we worked through a small fleet of French fishing boats.
In total 24 ships and fishing boats have been near enough to check their risk to a collision. However, even the two that took avoidance action were not real risks. As we were well off the Lizard in deep water we passed two tankers, anchored waiting instructions.

The AZAB, Azores return to Falmouth stage is close to starting. Alec is still pretty injured, not cured by the celebratory arrival cocktail of port and whisky, is flying home and being moved around in a wheel chair. Despite saying he was OK, he obviously did himself a chunk of damage. Brendon has found crew to help him on this leg. A good outcome to a bucket of bad luck.

We are 27 nm SW of the Lizard and 76 nm from Plymouth Breakwater. We are being pushed east by the current but will be passing the Lizard with a fairly strong, spring tides, current against us.

49:41.37N 005:52.34W