Sunday, 27 November, 12.00

Sun 27 Nov 2022 12:33
Blog by Derek

 At the end of my shift Maggy had not appeared to replace me so I called out three times but still she  slept soundly in her nest of duvet’s and pillows . So I decided to make her a nice cup of tea. Putting the gas on initiated a gas detector alarm test  that would wake the dead ( except Ian) then the galley lights killed all night vision. The (I bet you can’t taste the difference) powdered milk was carefully spooned into a jug and mixed with water all the time a basket of fruit hanging above the sink was rhythmically slapping me in the face as Action Penguin surged and rolled. As I buried my face in the netting to get a tea bag, Maggy’s favourite china mug took off like a missile and smashed into the bulkhead spreading a thousand pieces of broken china around my feet. 

Maggy appeared, smiling,  Good morning Derek, she said, every thing ok ? 

I sleep ( a loose term) in the V berth with the doors open to the cabin. I awoke this morning and noticed Ian very slowly and very deliberately making his way aft through the cabin. Each handhold stared at then slowly grasped. The ground surveyed in minute detail before a foot was raised , paused,  then lowered achingly slowly to the chosen spot. Knees splayed outward to act as a wedge on any nearby furniture .  Maggy appeared at the other end of the cabin and displayed a similar routine. Slow carefully planned movements, pausing, assessing and planning a route through the cabin. What I was witnessing was our crew after a 1,000 rough sea miles were taking on the characteristics  of an Iguana.”

18:45.00N 029:38.16W