Monday, 15 May 2023, 08.00

Mon 15 May 2023 12:08
Sunday afternoon: We thought we would be another day before we picked up the clockwise winds of the Azores High but mid morning we were able to tack from motor sailing ESE to N, close hauled with the Genoa and a fraction more main, to move comfortably, engine off at 4 Kn. As the day advanced the wind slowly veered more south and by 17.00, still close hauled we were making 5.5 to 6 Kn pointing to the Azores. Slight seas and comfortable sailing. We’ve got the Monitor working well so either with the Autopilot when we’re motor sailing or only with the Monitor sailing we just haven’t steered the boat by hand for more than cursory periods. It’s like solving a puzzle as we use LuckGrib forecasts to ease our way across the ocean.

We continued sailing well until midnight when the wind dropped and we motor sailed to maintain speed. At 00.30 the wind picked up a little, we cut the engine and sailed at 4 Kn a bit broader as the wind veered. By 8 we had picked up speed close to 6 Kn in 10 Kn of wind. Not bad for a boat with most of the main rolled.

Lunch of Tortilla followed by a mango and passion fruit salad (courtesy of Valda and Oksana from the Sports Club) plus fruit cake baked on board. It’s a tough life on board Action Penguin! Life is very simple - are we sailing and eating well and are we getting the best boat speed possible.

29:49.14N 53:22.62W