Saturday, 26 November, 12.00

Sat 26 Nov 2022 12:58
Steady progress with boomed out headsails and a bit more wind than yesterday, now about 18 Kn true, so speed up towards 7 Kn. Life on board good with the three of us making a 3 hour night watch system fairly painless - it’s always a pain staying awake in the midnight hours.
We are running the engine in neutral 2/3 hours a day as we are using 10 + amps/hour with the autopilot using a lot of power. The wind vane appears to have a mechanical fault that is preventing the wind blade moving to port beyond its vertical position, so the boat simply bears off to port, with no steerage correction. While running the engine we are making water. However we get the port tank to half full, flush, and then we fall back to 1/4 full. An issue to solve. We have a 200 l starboard tank full as reserve and 24 large bottles of water stored as further reserve.
Salad at lunch time, supper in the evening. Easy. We broke a china mug yesterday but better to drink out of a nice mug than a tin or plastic one.
We clock the miles off, now heading to 900 miles from Las Palmas and only 1960 to St Lucia. In the ARC ‘race’ we are in position 114 with 36 boats behind us. Those positions are before handicaps are applied so we should jump up significantly in our final ranking.

20:06.82N 027:15.02W