Saturday, 10 December, 14.00 UTC

Sat 10 Dec 2022 14:17
We are quietly frying but there’s now a northerly breeze, replacing the west breeze as the contrary winds from the big Atlantic low edge north. We are motor sailing with main and Genoa and minimal engine revs to save fuel. We are making sub 5 Kn in 5 Kn of breeze. With luck we can go back to Plan A and bypass Barbados as our track is now direct to St Lucia. It’s sub 280 miles to get there. We will chug like this until we are 200 miles off and then maybe we can push the speed up.

Elaine has arrived in St Lucia. Derek’s keen to see her but happy that we are no longer tacking into light headwinds, making snail like progress. Any concept that this crossing is a race is best forgotten.

Water maker on. I wonder if there is a diesel maker on the market. We will carry a lot more diesel on the next big crossing.

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