Saturday, 13 May 2023, 08.00 (12.00 GMT)

Sat 13 May 2023 12:13
We are in a big ocean, not on a trade wind route and aiming to use our ability to pick up rolling Grib file forecasts to duck and dive our way to the Azores. We’ve kept out of the big contrary wind system and are heading for the Azores High to push us in the right direction. However to get there we’re in a big wind hole and wind on the bow and have motored (sometimes motor sailed) for the last 24 hours and will probably be doing the same through the next 40 hours. Good we have 180 litres of diesel in Jerry cans as a back up. It’s tiresome working against the wind, exacerbated by not being able to use the mainsail.

In the night, on Maggy’s watch, we spotted boat lights about 2 miles ahead on our starboard side. It showed odd navigation lights, did not come up in AIS and produced a weak radar signal. It was on a parallel course. We passed it. Conclusion: it was a sailing boat, poor radar reflector, no AIS with a random selection of navigation lights on. They didn’t answer a VHF call.

We’re eating well and, despite being a pretty dry ship, enjoying the infinite pleasure of sharing a couple of cans of beer between the 3 of us as the sun sets. It’s tough on the edge.

27:26.41N 055:14.60W