Thursday, 15 June 2023, 09.30 LT & GMT

Thu 15 Jun 2023 09:39
We slipped along all day yesterday, heading NE, directly towards Plymouth, on a starboard broad reach with speeds of 5 1/2 to 7 Kn depending on at the coming and going of the breeze. We were sailing at about 60 % of the true wind speed on our beam. The wind is not kicking up any sea, other than a gentle swell.

The day was sunny and warm and we were all engrossed in our separate books.

Towards sunset the wind died down to 8 or 9 Kn true but we still held the course direct to Plymouth at around 4.5 Kn. Not bad. Every now and then the wind just died, but just as the temptation crept in to cheat and use the engine, the breeze built back up. The lemon rind moon was even more dibbled away and very late to rise, but the stars gave a soft light to make the night more friendly.

At daybreak a LPG ship was picked up at 15 miles aft on AIS looking at thought it would bump into our rear. However it passed comfortably a couple of miles on our starboard side. Our Echomax radar transponder bounces back a big radar echo when we get pinged, which is quite comforting when ships steam around us.

The 3 day forecast is the same with winds between 8 and 14 on the beam, which takes us into the Western Approaches NW of Ushant.

We’ve been sailing 5 days, sailed over 630 miles with about 680 miles to Plymouth breakwater.

45:12.49N 019:11.25W

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