Tuesday, 13 June 2013, 10.00 LT

Tue 13 Jun 2023 10:05
The decision to stay with the jib worked well. With a fresh breeze on our port aft quarter we’re heading almost directly for the Western Approaches with Action Penguin swishing along at 6 to 7.5 Kn. The waves, that were now white capped, were riding in our direction so we simply slid over them. Sometimes sailing can be pleasant.

The Pilot House is a big plus. That’s where I am now writing this. It’s warm, quiet and looking out the waves seem to simply slide past. On the occasional trip out to adjust the Monitor self steering it’s windy, noisy and chilly. Today, being wet and squally it’s also out in the rain. I simply don’t understand why more boats aren’t designed with an integrated pilot house. Sitting out or peering out from a spray hood still is a ‘brave the elements’ experience. At night we tend to sit on the top hatch way step to keep a more pro-active watch but our bodies are still in the comfort of the pilot house. Even Jonny, who thought that it was all a bit soft, quietly has adjusted to being a softy.
There - that’s the rant off the chest.

At 01.30 the wind fell so we were making 2 Kn in a frolicking sea so on with the motor, water maker and back to 6 Kn plus. We prefer to sail but we’ve filled with diesel, have 100 litres in Jerry cans and the forecast suggests this wind hole moves on and we then have good winds right up to the Western Approaches.

Listening to the audio book of Kidnapped is evolving as very gripping. Last night on my watch (Ian) I was pretty focused as 3 ships passed ahead and astern of us but when that distraction passed it was back to Kidnapped whilst keeping a look out. What’s going to happen next? I think ‘Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick and like adventures will all be enjoyed again but in audio format.

It’s now 10.00 with two more ships steaming SW on our port side. We’re now around 900 nm from our waypoint off Rame Head and we’ve sailed almost 400 nm so far.

43:11.26N 23:52.48W