Sunday, 21 May 2023, 09.00 LT, 11.00 GMT

Sun 21 May 2023 11:11
My optimism was unfounded.  We downloaded a 6 day forecast and it showed a large high well north of us creating clockwise wind rotation all bang from the direction of the Azores.  Initially in the day we were in the area where these winds we rotating north and by sailing semi-close hauled we kept a reasonable NE direction. Slowly the wind veered more easterly and we continued ENE.  However we were moving easily at around 5 Kn in 10 Kn apparent wind.  At 23.00 this wind died and we rolled the Genoa, sheeted in the rolled mainsail, turned to head directly for the Azores and at 2,500 rpm motored around 6 Kn.  Great to be going in the right direction.  We will refill the diesel tanks and see how far we can motor.  

Last night was Paul’s official graduation as a doctor.  We celebrated with a glass of red and then shared a small can of beer while we ate a corned beef hash.  It was surprisingly good.  Ate the last two eggs making pancakes at lunchtime.  We are down to 3 more beers and 2 1/2 bottles of wine.  My it’s tough.

We’ve sailed 1,900 miles since the BVI’s, 600 miles to go and by the time we reach Plymouth well over 9,000 miles clocked up since we set out last summer.  We’re getting the hang of Action Penguin.

36:33.20N 041:17.91W