Sunday, 18 June 2023, 09.00 GMT

Sun 18 Jun 2023 13:51
Sent again as it looks as though the original didn’t go

We seem to have sailed for ever but it’s only 8 days since we left Horta. The winds have stayed consistently on our beam with pretty calm seas.

Saturday morning saw us sailing through rain squalls - well more negative squalls where the wind died as the rain flattened the sea. We motor sailed for 1 1/2 hours to push us along but also to get the batteries fully charged as in the light winds and dull conditions we weren’t producing enough to keep batteries fully charged.

As the day advanced we went back to sun, easy sailing and as dark fell a bit more wind to push us along at close to 7 Kn. At daybreak the wind eased and started to push us east and then ESE. Making progress but not getting nearer to Plymouth.

At 08.30 we rolled away the mainsail and motored down wind in very light airs, with some Genoa out to steady us, heading towards our destination at 6 Kn.

During the night we hit the 9,000 nm we’ve sailed since leaving Chichester last July. We’ve sailed over 1,000 miles since leaving Horta with 299 miles to go to Plymouth Breakwater.

47:32.04W 10:26.33W