Wednesday 14 June 2023, 10.00 LT & GMT

Wed 14 Jun 2023 09:54
Monday night was black and a slightly uncomfortable very slow ride through the aftermath of a bumpy sea from Sunday’s dresser conditions. Hence motoring from early morning to 11.00.

We downloaded a new Grib file and the routing gave us almost a direct course towards Plymouth with light-ish fair winds all the way. We tacked the Genoa, pulled out the full main and headed ENE. On a broad reach we sailed easily on at 5 + Kn with engine off, the monitor steering and having made a full tank of water overnight. Rain has gone, sun is shining, boat cleaned up. Life’s not bad.

As evening fell the wind from the SSW lightened and we sailed at around 4 Kn quietly through the black night. Not unpleasant and in the right direction. Slowly the wind built a little and Action Penguin picked up speed but almost without fuss.

The night was black until a lemon rind of a moon came up and pushed back the dark.

We’d used most of the water in the port tank that we had made a couple of days ago. We had taken quite a lot of power out of the service batteries as the light winds hadn’t put in much power from the wind generator and the dull conditions also hadn’t walked a lot in from the solar panels. Water maker on, engine on so we could get the batteries fully charged.

Another day nearer Plymouth with a good fair wind forecast for at least 3/4 days to push us gently there. We’ve sailed close to 510 miles with less than 800 miles to go.

44:04.14N 021:32.23W