Sunday, 11 June 3013, 10.00am LT

Sun 11 Jun 2023 14:28
Out of Horta just after 10 and heading out past the west end of Pico. We tried to ease past the west end of Sāo Jorge but that was too close to the wind so we turned east between Pico & São Jorge. Late afternoon we rounded the east end of São Jorge and at night fall passed the west end of Ilha Terceira and headed NE.

We were moving at around 7 Kn into lumpy seas and with the wind on the port bow. Decidedly uncomfortable and, close to the first time, was hit by seasickness. The morning was calmer and we continued fairly close hauled on line to our weather route. We will see what the updated Grib file tells.

39:42.07W 026:25.16W