Thursday, 11 May 2023, 07.30

Thu 11 May 2023 11:51
A tough day for us softies (well our Green Berry is pure steel) but one that didn’t allow us to get bored.

We are in fast moving but not necessarily nasty systems so Grib file forecasts are good for a day but the forecast after that is not useful. We can’t with confidence sail into a steady airstream

Yesterday morning we were broad reached heading NE moving nicely and then the wind swung on our tail. On the belief we were in steady winds we rolled the main and poled out the two head sails. Slow progress in light winds but progress.

We then got hit by a big squall so rolled the headsails away and ran under motor. When the squall past (much rain) we set the headsails again. Problem we rushed rolling out the Genoa using the electric winch and broke the spinnaker pole. Skipper error! We then used some lengths of teak, much duct tape (Maggy’s damn duct tape) and bound up the wounded pole and reset the head sails. Then the wind shifted driving us SE. Down and stowed poles and head sails.

Back to broad reach and actually pleasant sailing. In the night we turned into the wind and got over canvassed with the change in apparent wind and heading more south wasn’t a good idea! We tacked, heading broader and settled down to sailing at 6 - 7 Kn in the right direction. Easy peasy

At dawn a heavy rain squall with plenty of lightening caught up with us throwing us on another course. The main also showed more seam opening up. Rolled the Genoa and mainsail and motored in the driving rain.

We checked for squalls with the radar and it refused to rotate and transmit. Maybe the electrical squall activity had screwed it.

Difficult weather doesn’t last for ever but we might get caught by headwinds in 24 hours but the forecast status is incredibly fluid.

All quite stimulating, who wants it easy. Good moment was a supper of Jambalaya - delicious.

26:22.64N 058:49.05W