Sunday, 4 December

Sun 4 Dec 2022 19:03
.Another day with little to no wind. We had motored through a moonlit night with a glassy sea. This morning we tried running down wind with poled out sails (we’re getting more slick at using the poles) but just flogged. We are now motor sailing with mainsail and Genoa, only filling because of the air flow from motoring. The concern is not running out of diesel. We put 50 l from Jerry cans into the starboard tank this morning.

Derek’s keen to see Elaine, who arrives in St Lucia on Friday night. We will do our best to be there on time but the weather forecast goes on with little to no wind, all the way to St Lucia.

Derek and I took sun sights (he’s a good teacher). He’s fixing a position using traditional tables etc. I’m using an App. Maggy did a wash of smelly clothing. Life chugs on in this tropical oven.

14:23.43N 46:48.00W