Monday, 22 May 2023

Mon 22 May 2023 09:58
Day 16, we’ve sailed/motored over 2,000 miles since the BVI’s nm with 400 miles to Flores or 500 to Horta.

We motored all day yesterday and all night, making around 6 Kn against light head winds. The forecast predicts light and then slightly stronger head winds all the way so our choice of 1st destination is dependent on how we much diesel we have left. We’ve now transferred all the diesel in jerry cans to the fuel tanks, in total 180 litres. We’re running the engine at 2,500 revs and it appears that we’re consuming diesel at a lower rate than we expected. We just need to patiently tick the miles off. How many days diesel for motoring will unveil itself.

We’re all deep into books. Maggy is reading ‘The Way of a Ship’ . Paul is reading ‘1984‘. I’ve just read it, horrid, depressing and with a really psychopathic level of human abuse. I’ve now just finished ‘Tom Sawyer’. Loved it. Now to ‘Wind in the Willows’.

We’re eating well, the sea is calm and rolling with a long ocean swell so life’s not bad.

37:12.06N 38:38.84W