Tuesday, 16 May 2023,

Tue 16 May 2023 13:37
We are finally in a big airmass circulating clockwise around an Azores High. We might fall into a hole later today but it looks a stable system once we’re through that. We’re now heading almost directly for the Azores on a broad reach making 5 to 6 Kn in 9 to 12 Kn of wind - not bad without an effective mainsail.

It’s actually pleasant and easy sailing as we quietly swish along in slight seas. In the night the moon has abandoned us so it’s pitch dark. Paul has been talking about night vision glasses used by the military and these will be on our list of ‘look at’ items.

Books are being enjoyed. Maggy has just finished listening to the audio book of Treasure Island, I’m stuck into a biography of Nelson written in the 1840’s and Paul is reading Tim Severen’s ‘The Brendan Voyage’ and he’s got sucked into Treasure Island.

30:31.38N 50:55.06W