Second day and night - 05.00, 22 November 22

Tue 22 Nov 2022 05:30

Key things
Big firework display on Saturday night
Being seen off by Jonny (Maggy’s cousin who sailed with us from Plymouth
A crazy start with hundreds of ARC boats jostling, some without grace, as though a second mattered in a 2 week “race”
The AIS alarm going continually for the first 3 hours
A strong wind and big sea running until we were well south of Gran Canaria
A rocking passage, south to about 60 miles of the African coast and then a gibe WSW to take us towards St Lucia.
A massive spill of oats, milk and plates in a rolling sea at breakfast after a busy night dodging ships and yachts.
We settle in life on board
25:23.24N 017:46.00W