Saturday, 3 December, coming up to midnight

Sat 3 Dec 2022 23:35
Were getting closer to 900 miles to go. At 150 plus miles a day, so far 900 miles doesn’t seem at lot - great theory but the trade winds have vanished to be replaced by little to zero winds most of the way to St Lucia. Apparently caused by a big low higher up in the Atlantic.

Today we progressed west-ish at 4 Kn. In a hopeful bid to move quicker, we put up the twin poled headsails but the wind just died and we were making sub 2 knots. After messing around for two hours trying to go faster, we finally rolled the sails away and put on the engine. We have to log this so that the Race results can be adjusted for this engine use..

All good on board but the wind, or lack of it is tiresome

14:26.53N 45:07.26W