Saturday, 20 May 2023, 09.00 LT, 11.00 GMT

Sat 20 May 2023 12:45
First the boring stuff. The Azores High has moved well N and NW of the Azores giving winds from the east and from the direction where we want to go. Fortunately we are far enough west to be in the lighter circulating winds rotating around the high, giving SW winds. We are making 5 + Kn with a 10 Kn wind just forward of our beam. There’s a small high developing south so will luck we might get favourable winds as we close the Azores. Mindless optimism?

Now the real stuff. We’ve sailed over 1700 miles since leaving Tortola and the ocean has been empty. No sign of life, no fish. Yesterday Maggy spotted a whale and late afternoon a school of Striped Dolphins swimming of our bows. We’d been seeing Portuguese Men of War for two days. Then this morning there’s was a load whine as the fishing line spun out with a fish. Paul fought it for 10 minutes and then the line went slack. The fish had got away. The lure had teeth marks and one of the hooks was semi-straightened out. Then Bang, we had another. Almost alongside with a big yellow fin tuna. He got under the boat, the line caught the rudder and he got away. That’s two in less than 2 hours. Third time lucky?

720 miles to go - 6 days to 12, who knows.

35:30.36N 43::00.2W