Tuesday, 9 May, 2023

Tue 9 May 2023 23:04
We are now getting above the high and getting steady winds, close hauled, taking on a line to the Azores. Changed Genoa to the inner forestay jib so sailing comfortably at about 6 Kn.

Uneventful night, one ship passing at distance behind us heading SE. We emptied the port water tank but no obvious leak from the tank or pipework. Now making water but will look as being more water frugal, and a bit more smelly! Having problem sending mail, not receiving so have used Paul’s Garmin InReach system to contact MailaSail to find a solution. Niggles of passage making.

Monitor now working well and doing all the steering so it looks as though our solar panels and wind charging can keep ahead of charging the batteries without the additional load of the Auropilot.

23:59.64N 061:12.84W