Monday, 12 June 2023, 09.00 LT

Mon 12 Jun 2023 09:18
Second day of our passage with over 250 miles sailed. The discomfort of the first night has been replaced with a slow rise and fall of the ocean swell and the veer of the wind to give us wind on our aft quarter.

As a measure of much easier conditions we are a lasagne for supper - pretty good. The weather forecast was good with winds blowing towards England but with a chain of wind that would shift us to a starboard, rather than port progession along our course line.

The peace was broken after midnight when on Maggy’s watch, there was a sudden chain in wind direction accompanied by drizzly rain. The mainsail (with a boom preventer secured or the toe rail to prevent the boom from crashing ever in an accidental jibe) plus the Genoa backed and we were locked in irons. It took sometime to work out what had happened, to roll the mainsail and genoa, get back on a NE course and start sailing under the jib, with the wind coming over our port aft quarter. It was a dark night.

In the morning we were going to run with the Genoa but as the wind picked up we stayed with the jib with Action Penguin making 6 Kn. We re-checked the weather forecast, which continues to give us fair winds.

Maggy has settled into listening to Huckleberry Finn and I into Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. Great tale.

1029 nm to our waypoint off Rame Head.

41:16.31N 025:20.53W