Monday, 12 December, 17.30 UTC (13.30 St Lucia time)

Mon 12 Dec 2022 17:36
We have been able to see the Pitons of St Lucia over 3 hours ago and are now 25 miles from the north end of the Island. We’ve had calm seas, illuminated by soft moonlight, last night, motor sailing with very light winds. This morning the breeze increased a little and we sailed for a couple of hours but now back to motor sailing. It’s an easy last few miles.

The loos are still blocked so we’ve all had the delights of the bucket and for us blokes the bailer. No dignity on a boat on a long passage, however sophisticated it might look at a boat show.

The yacht Koa moored next to us in Las Palmas got to Rodney Bay this morning with Tim, Helen, their children, Florence and Sebastian and friend Bee delighted to be there. Pelagria, again close to us in Las Palmas, with Tim, Kathy and friend Mike on board are 100 plus miles away, I guess stuck with little wind and very little diesel. AP, Koa and Pelagria are probably similar in sailing speed, where we are is really a matter of luck on whether we hit the same holes in the wind.

Next entry will have St Lucia photos

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