Tuesday, 29 November, 18.00

Wed 30 Nov 2022 09:50
We’re sitting in the pilot house sharing two small cans of beer and some crisps, dreaming of a regular bar, not rocking rolling along, with really cold beer. Everyone has got to have their ambitions.

By the end of today we are half way, only half way to go! Caught no fish but lost a lure. We’re advancing the watches by an hour as nightfall and sunrises are later each day as we head west. The boat is still on UTC time.

This is the 5th day of boomed out headsails that have pushed us WSW with a NE and then ENE wind behind us. The trade winds are starting to turn east so hopefully we will be pushed directly to St Lucia.

MailaSail works well, both to receive Grib weather forecasts and send mail. We are using much less of our available contracted MB’s than we thought so have reduced the contract cost from December 1st.

16:08.6N 035:22.8W