Sunday, 14 May 2023

Sun 14 May 2023 10:15
We’ve now done over a 1,000 miles on the raging sea, except that it’s not raging.

Saturday morning started with close hauled sailing with the genoa, remember we don’t have a usable main, but assisted with a low revved engine. However by mid morning the wind picked up a little and we turned the motor off and continued east at about 4 Kn. Slow but progress. We expected this to continue until late on Sunday but the forecast changed and at about 17.00 the wind veered and we tacked and headed north. By cautiously unfurling a fraction more mainsail (not wanting to open more seams) we cut the engine and made 4 - 5 Kn. If we had been able to unroll the whole main we would have gone significantly faster but we’re making steady progress to the Azores.

The horizon is only 3 miles away but we never get to it. I guess the pleasing thing is that the wind is pulling AP along, is steering her via the Monitor self steering and generating power. The sun is also knocking out power.

Fruit cake baked but it was a little burned on the bottom. We’re sleeping well, eating well and taking time to ease our way across a big ocean. The huge plus is that we are getting away from the fierce Caribbean sun.

28:16.76N 54:48.78W