Monday, 12 December, 06.30 UTC

Mon 12 Dec 2022 07:00
KMy watch (Ian). It’s a calm very moonlit night. We are motor sailing in about 6 Kn of wind from the north, making about 6 Kn. About 80 miles to go. A stronger breeze should build that will allow us to sail the last few miles.

We spoke to 2 yachts yesterday, both within a few miles from us, not seen visually but picked up on AIS. One was a big yacht and when called the London voice basically said “What do you want - Out”. The other, with skipper, Adam Tuffnell was a pleasure to chat to. His Blog note talks about our blocked loos. Not resolved after a lot of work, so it’s bucket and chuck it until St Lucia. Here’s his note

“ Spoke to a couple of really great yachts. Fryderyk & Action Penguin. Mark and gang on Fryderyk were in dire straights having run out of beer, wine and spirits. There was talk of setting the Captain adrift in a manner not dissimilar to Mr. Christian and Captain Bligh. All things considered they were in great spirits.

I spoke to Action Penguin (AP) earlier. They describe themselves as two geriatrics and a nearly geriatric. After a the last three weeks of challenge they are from from ‘old’ — though, that said, everyone will feel as is they’ve aged a thousand years. We compared weather notes (no outside assistance rule in ARC) and are seeing the same thing. The wind will slowly build over the next 36 hours to full and normal trade operation.

They’ve also got two blocked heads (special marine toilets on boats) which will mean some cunning use of corks and knots until they either a) unblock them or b) make it to Rodney Bay or c) …

AP use the same providers as we do. LuckGrib and Mailasail. Both Craig and Ed (respectively) are excellent and have been utterly supportive throughout — for both us onboard Amandla Kulu, AP and I guess everyone else they service.”

All good on board. Derek’s keen to see Elaine but he’s been an easy guy to have on board, especially when progress has been frustratingly slow.

Onwards and westwards

13:50.53N 059:40.49W