Sunday, 28 May 2023, 08.00 LT, 12.00 GMT

Sat 27 May 2023 10:16
I’m not sure of the few days of the Blog have been sent. To recap. Still beating our way to Horta against contrary winds. It took a long time to make an indent on 300 miles off as we tacked around our course line. Sometimes squalls, but not unpleasant sailing, just not making much progress. Then the wind veered north enough for us to take much longer tacks towards our destination.

Beer run out, about 100 ml of wine left, no eggs but we do have 2 tins of corn beef left. Our arrival is almost certainly early tomorrow so a supper of curried chick peas will leave the corned beef for another day.

We’re now, hopefully, on the last tack to Horta. We’ve sailed 2,659 nm since Tortola, 101 nm to go. We’re making 5 + Kn over the ground, which isn’t bad with only a patch of main and the genoa.

38.32.23N 30:46.21W