Friday, 19 May 2023, 08.15 LT, 10.15 GMT

Fri 19 May 2023 10:43
We are sailing well, fairly directly to the Azores, on a beam reach making around 6 Kn in about 12 Kn of wind. We are doing this with very little mainsail unrolled and with the Genoa doing the work. Despite the seam problem on the mainsail Peter Sanders makes beautiful sails and has set up a team to look at and sort the main in Ponta Delgada - he cares.

Nobody has touched the helm all day, the Monitor wind vane just does the work.

We are looking forward 3 days on the Grib files (weather charts) and we see head winds as we approach the Azores with a high north of the Azores producing producing NE winds. Great for the boats sailing UK to the Azores but not for us. However we’ll just go on gliding NE as the forecast will change further forward.

We’ve now sailed over 1,650 miles with 830, as the crow flies, to go.

34:11.00N 44:54.96W