01:09.06S 128:18.40W

Farr Gone Blog
Stuart Cannon
Sun 10 Apr 2011 21:27
At Last! the promised wind has filled in and Farr Gone is skipping across the water at 7 knots. It makes such a difference to the mood on the boat. It was getting frustrating and I was getting grumpy about the lack of wind. This morning I gave up and dropped the main because the slapping was so horrendous. As soon as I lay on the bunk and started a book, what do you know? Wind. Up again, put back up the main and ever since we've been buzzing along. Excellent. There are some reasonably ominous clouds around but I'm ignoring them while the boat is going so well. Not ignoring, but keeping the boat going rather than worrying too much.
This is now champagne sailing, which reminds me, thankyou Ruck for the Champagne that was well and truly enjoyed at the crossing of the equator. Even Neptune got a share!