Great Keppel is pretty good

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Stuart Cannon
Mon 3 Oct 2011 06:23
Ella, her boyfriend Leo and friend Elise arrived at 1.30am this morning. In order to stay awake for them Jack and I watched Lord of the Rings which goes forever and only finished twenty minutes before they got in. After a few hours sleep the electrician arrived to pronounce the autopilot, well not dead but not long for this world. Salt water from the knockdown off Fiji had done it's work and is eating the circuit board making it an on again off again thing. There goes a couple of grand. Bloody boats, who'd have em?
We set off around noon and headed for Great Keppel island. The kids have rowed to shore and left me with the first bit of solitude in a while. Very pleasant sitting at anchor, played some guitar and with my ten minute repertoire completed it was time to write the blog. It's great to have them here with some seriously funny moments but we are all tired and a little indecisive about where to next. Tonight there will have to be some planning but the weather looks good for a few days so the choices are many.
We were too lazy to get the outboard on the dinghy and it is quite amusing watching the four of them row, or try to, back to the boat. I've got at least twenty minutes more peace and quiet judging by their headway. It probably would have been a lot less effort to get the outboard on but they are young and it'll do them good, he says while sipping quietly on a beer. The only thing missing is Lucy but the boat is very full and there just isn't room so next time. Jack needs to go back soon and the others won't be far behind so this brief interlude needs to be enjoyed while it can be.
Jacks guitar playing is sublime and adds so much to the sailing experience. All we need to do now is get Ella singing. It'll happen

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