Jo`s diary York and Hannifan family visit to Cork for Niamh birthday bash.

Sun 22 Jun 2008 13:39



Thought I had better write a web diary seeing as me and Nick are back on the boat. Where to start…. Well it’s raining so I have found this to do in the dry! Joke!!

Me , Mum and Nick have joined the boat in cork, lots of reasons, it was Niamh`s birthday yesterday so we joined in with the birthday fun and have got to meet her family and friends which has been wicked because we’re really happy how well its worked out that she joined the boat. And of course we want to congratulate the two salty sea dogs on their round the world trip.

Their both looking great!! Cork is grand, dad picked us up at the airport with a bunch of flowers for mum, and he also had Ed Hannifan with him who had done the leg from Porto! Poor Poor penguin she looked a bit battered and bruised we had a good giggle back on the boat for the afternoon, Dad and Niamh have been without an engine and have made a amazing contraption to get an outboard engine going on the boat, best way I can describe it is if you have watched the beginning of “Wallace and Gromit” {The wrong trousers} With his invention to get the morning routine done. He’ll be arriving in Style!!

The rest of the Hannifans joined us in Cork and we went out for a meal.

Thursday the rain had cleared and we went for a lovely walk to a Forte  Kinsale and had a picnic, Dad then cooked us a classic Penguin meal followed by a knees up with the Hannifan`s in the Moonshine pub, listening to some Irish music and catching up on the last months apart. Really lush night.

Friday we went into cork, rang some church bells {Dad got to see the inside of a very very big… clock} said bye to Ed, we then hit the Jamesons Distillery, interesting to see how Whisky is made, we brought home a slightly pickled Nick but he got a certificate to say that he was a official Whisky taster. Niamh turned up after dropping some of the worldly goods she had collected back home and we went for a birthday meal with her family. I think everyone at the table was pretty proud of what penguin and her crew had achieved.

Back home tomorrow for work, Dad will be leaving here on Sunday too with Niamh and her younger brother Shane, so we better start thinking about his return on Friday.