Travels in Queenland

Sat 21 Apr 2007 07:41

So with Penguin on her way back home to Queensland Australia we were surely

Going to be in for a fast ride, and so it turned out. We covered the 1400miles in 10

Days which included having 36 hrs motoring with no wind, the rest of the time the

Wind was strong and directly behind us. Our passage proved to be pretty smooth but

Their were other boats suffering a rough ride, their was also a major flooding

And gale force winds in Northland NZ a few days after we had left. Everyone on

Board seemed to settle in fine and enjoyed the ride across the windy Tasman. On

That note we did get one wave break over the stern of the boat and fill the cockpit

Luckily the washboards were in and not much water went inside. Will had the pleasure of looking out of his port hole and only seeing water, But most of the time we stayed dry.


 We Decided to make Bundaberg our landfall, nothing of course to do with the fact that

They make Rum their. On the sunday 1st of april at  7 o clock we anchored outside

The marina ready to clear costumes the following morning.  It was now time to

Celebrate the completion of Penguins Circumnavigation, after a period of  7 years

Penguin was back in her home waters a few hundred miles from were she was built.

So one or two glasses of  rum had to be drunk in honor of a fantastic yacht, We being

Fortunate to have sailed and owned her.

Penguin doing what she does best, going west


After a few days getting our selves back up together it was time to head out to the edge of

The Barrier  Reef and Lady Elliot Island. Snorkling fantastic then on towards the Fitzroy

River and the town of Rockhampton, to meet up with an Irish friend of Niamh s.  As all fans of  my adventures in Penguin know the fact that we have 7ft 6inch  draught does not

Mean that we cant go up the odd river or two it just means that occasionally things

Get a little interesting. We had a great time in the lovely town of  Rockhampton

Great buildings and a very Friendly Motor Boat club whos facilities we were able

To use, Great showers and washing machines.

 The trip back down the river started extremely well so well that we had reached the

Point  where the river splits into the three channels out through the esturary by 9.30

We had set of at 5.30. We had also managed to hail over a local fisherman and had

Bought 2 good sized mud crabs a local delicacy on the way. Our original plan had

Been to get to the start  of the estuary anchor and have lunch then go out as the tide

Was rising again, but we had arrived earlier than originally planned for so while  

Were on a roll go with it, we made it through the first of the shallow spots and into

Channel. That was it we had saved ourselves 6 hours waiting we were on our way.

  There is always something that will kick you in the arse when everything seems to

Going well. The plan was to follow our GPS  track back down through river, Cant

Go wrong. So here to the confessional, I was helming Niamh was taking down the

Weather faxes the staysail was up and try to stay on the wind I came out of the Channel

With all to predictable result.  Niamh dashed up with a warning were getting close to

A sand bank. We still seemed to have 3m of water beneath us but not for long.

Ten minutes later we were completely stuck, so we where going to stop for lunch

After all.


Lunch break,  Glasses wont stay on the table.

At about 3.30 in the afternoon the tide came back in and floated us back of the sand, so we decided to head for a quiet  anchorage for the night cook the crabs which where still

In a bucket and get a good night sleep before setting of for the whitsundays early the

Following day. So once again Penguins river adventures had lived up to their reputation

For delivering a little excitement.

We had a good sail up arriving at Scawfell Island on the Monday morning, then planned

To work our way up through the islands arriving at Airlie Beach on the weekend as we were having problems with the reefing gear hopefully we would be able to get it sorted

Their, we also needed to restock with fresh food and water. Whitsunday Islands like the

Greek Islands, but without the Olives and Taverns in every bay, Coral and fish great

When you can see it, O and loads of Butterflys around everwhere.


Butterfly Islands. That’s all for now!