Wed 7 Dec 2005 12:54
Sunny again, but windy with it - had gusts of up to 30knots last night so a bit of a wild one, with the boat a bit of a bucking bronco.    Biggish waves - 8-10 feet, so we are looking up to some of them, rather than down.  Also was raining on and off, all night, with the wind increasing each time a rain cloud went overhead.  Have just passed the 500miles to go mark!!  Major cause for festivities and jubilation, if only we weren't all so tired after last night.  Norm & J on the bow last night putting third reef in the mainsail, taking down the pole, and, predictably, got a major soaking just a few seconds before finishing the job.  This in the dark at around 2300hrs. 
Nearly midday (UTC) now and have the main fully reefed still, 20-25 knots, Now have more headsail out and making around 8knots over the ground.  Another boat has just appeared on the horizon so we are starting to chase him down.
Anyway, on with the more interesting things:
Nothing of interest seen for a few days now - no dolphins, whales and even relatively few flying fish.  Hopefully things will improve as we close on land.
Various milestones, all of which we placed our bets on, have passed.  The passing of the 500 to go mark gave Clare yet another point, whilst Jackie just won the 'next sighting of a boat' contest.  Overall situation is as below:
Clare     10
J            3
Jackie    3
Rob       3
Norman 2
Lots of book reading going on  so we will all come back better people!
Yes its true, and we all lived to tell the tail!!!  Last night we were treated to a bean hotpot, with sausages, boiled potato's and cous-cous.  All washed down with a glass of the newly discovered orange juice (2 cartons left - yipee). 
The puzzle books are out and Norm was straight in there, picking on a suduko puzzle.  That it took him 2 1/2 hours to complete is a reflection on the grade of difficulty of the puzzle (not very, I hear you say).
Hope everyone is comfortable still and enjoying the stable serenity of life not on a boat on the edge of the Atlantic.
Cheers for now.
Le crew de la Penguin.