Sun 20 Apr 2008 14:55
The last night in Salvador had to be one to remember Brazil by, and as it
happened that we had planned
Our departure for Saturday morning, there was a good chance that the town
would be lively Friday night
And all we had to do was find the source of the music. So we got a taxi
from the marina to the central policed
Sector of town had a bit of local food, then found a local bar where the
music was playing and all of the customers where local, half of whom were
already dancing to the beat of Samba. The bars are also Samba
Clubs so will have a number of bands that use that bar as their local
practice and gig venue the Music is
Great and the Dancing is superb, I know that Jacky would have loved it.
Just in front of our table there was
A group of people one of whom recognised us from the Marina and before
long they had invited us to join
Them and were trying to teach us the moves on the floor, No chance with me
but Niamh was a little better.
The rest of the night was spent in their company despite our very poor
ability to communicate, but we
Could still all enjoy the music and atmosphere. At about 12.30 they were
all ready to go on to the
Night clubs, but we were far to sad and boring and said our goodbyes and
headed back to the marina, after
All we had to be up early to fuel up and get on our way we had another
1900 miles to Cape Verdes with the
Wind likely to be coming from bad angles and either to strong or to light,
back once more to the pleasures
Of sailing Close to and over the Equator

Nazare street market and Easter festival. Lots of Pregnant ladies in Brazil.

Markets over time to go Home

Drum procession around the streets drum master has shaved head and don’t
mess with his beat, dancers follow.

colourful street nightlife in Salvador

We are at present just north of the Equator so far we have managed to do
800 miles in one week that is about
115 in every 24hours so as you can imagine things are pretty slow around
here for now. So that is why the web
diary is being done. The engine is on and has been running for the last
24hours, We caught 2 good sized dorado this morning I have also done my
laundry for this week, so no more fishing for a while, I have just read
the book 1421 in about 2 ½ days, so what the hell am I going to do for the
next 8 or 9 days. One thing that
does effect things is that this passage we are sailing with just 2 person
that means that our chance for good
sleep at night is less and we probably only get 5 hours sleep a night so
the afternoon siesta is becoming very
popular a whole new way of life is dawning. That’s all from the middle of
the Atlantic, I’m of to find a book
to read, Maybe Wilbur Smith as we are about to go back into African
Territory. Never read one of his before,
so lots of new experiences to look forward to.