Wed 28 Sep 2005 20:30
September 20 - 28 2005
Penguin the mascot had a helm in Lisbon dock marina, with the Captain's hat, could this be a mutiny, look out Rob.
Now sitting in the hot sun in the marina in Lagos on the Algarve writing this latest report.
Overnighted at Nazare on our way down the coast, interesting fishing port but did not hang around long enough to check it out.
2 Days in Lisbon in the docks adjacent to the road bridge which has a constant drone as vehicles travel across the metal deck bridge, trip around the town Monday, riding the old city tram cars.
Ian Mansfield now part of the Penguin crew having collected him on time from Lisbon airport on Sunday Sept 25.  Left Lisbon at 1800hrs Monday Sept 26 in a strong northerly wind, yet again the wind deserted us within 3 hours and it was back to motoring through the night, not a problem for those with a forward cabin, so 'off watch' is like sleeping under the bonnet of a transit van, believe me you do get use to it, pardon could you speak up!
Stunning coast line on the SW tip of Portugal which we passed on Tuesday afternoon on our way to Lagos.
Relaxing here to day doing various boat work. Set off from here tomorrow morning for a 6 day non stop trip to Lanzerote to collect Liz, Ian's wife. 
How's the fishing going I hear you ask.  Well the other day we did catch a some fish I'm sure, unfortunately they were in a small fishing boat with 4 big Portuguese fishermen.  Luckily they got away complete with Rob's favourite lure, the one we have trawled for 1300 mile without a bite.  So in Lisbon we hit the tackle shop and purchased 2 Hydro squirt squids, guaranteed to get you a fish! We will believe when its on our plate.
I  have had a few comments and all very flattering about the last photo on our web so having run out of glamour we had to send you one of the real captain instead. He and our other crew Mr. Auto Helm are generally a lot less trouble
they require no feeding and don't make any other unfavourable noises.
It's the first marina which hasn't required a mammoth effort to get supplies on board as the super market is two minutes away. So we made the best of it, got some Gin for Ian, is it a cure for sea sickness? Hmmm
So we are full and ready to go tomorrow morning then we can relax for a while until J and Clare join us to do the Arc which starts on the 20th November
Found a good way to do the ironing, fold clothes poor a glass of wine and sit upon for several hours, ask husband to do same should the result not be good enough the extra three stones does the trick.
Hope you are all good and well back in U.K can't believe we have been gone almost five weeks.
Every one will be hugely relieved that the boat is now well victualled up with marmalade and I've at last persuaded them to lay in a bottle of gin and some tonic. I've been droning on about it for the past 3 days and I think they hope I might shut up now. I found Penguin in Lisbon a happy boat and after the rigours of Biscay the other 3 are a seasoned and well drilled crew. The 24 hour passage from Lisbon to Lagos was a good shakedown for me before we embark on the 600 or so miles to Arrecife to meet Liz. I might find my appetite a bit dull again from time to time but at least we are not a dry boat. So! Cheers!