Sun 27 Nov 2005 12:24
DAY 8, 11.32am
We're still here!
Had a great couple of days yoting, with nice easterly (ish) winds that we have used to take ourselves a little further south so as to (hopefully) miss the southwesterly winds on the back of Delta.  Have now done enough, we think, so have cracked off (technical term meaning headed away from the wind) and are just to the north west of the Cape Verde islands, heading toward St Lucia for the first time.  Kite is up, sun is shining and all looking good.  Delta seems to be less of an issue now, as it is to the north of our position by a good few hundred miles.  A new low is developing so will need to keep an eye on it, but so far not a major issue either.  Also, have passed another milestone - now have less than 2000 miles to go!
Due to a rope flicking into Jay's eye, a bit of first aid was needed on Friday night, with bandages added purely for good effect on the photos!  No major problems but a bit sore for a while.  Also meant that he skived off duties for a day.
Late on Friday eve, the sounds of singing were heard throughout the boat - like the voice of an angel, were our thoughts at first.  Once we realised that it was an Aretha Franklin song this first assumption seemed a little rash and it was with great surprise that we discovered................Clare!  Yes, there she was, singing away merrily whilst helming the boat in 30knots of wind, at night!  Picture the scene in your own minds - a classic!  Of course, as is normally the case, most of the notes were off key and the words were a garbled mumbling, but who cares, it was great!
Yes, after 8 days of sailing we have finally seen Jackie on deck  Rather than being below, a funny green colour and semi-comatose, she's now on deck, a funny green colour and semi-comatose!  Ah well, by the end at least she may have a bit of a tan.  (No, really, before anyone gets worried, she's fine and has been for days).
bit quiet on the wildlife front;
a slightly balding monkey spotted swinging around the deck, 
a parrot squawks a lot when we sail off course,
5 spotted dolphins came back to see us this morning and have had lots of sightings of flying fish - 3  of them landing on the deck.  unfortunately only got to one in time, the others were discovered as fish biltong (duly hung up for when time's get hard).
as we are now so confident of catching fish, we have suspended all fishing until we have munched our way through all the minced beef....shepherds pie in the middle of the atlantic.... 
From the Crew of Penguin, bye bye for now, sleep well (and appreciate the quiet, the stillness of your beds and the comfort and levelness of your toilets!!!)  
PS. To the Partridge /Williams clan- its OK to send e-mails (penguin {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com), if you want to (just no pictures please).  Ta.
PPS. Fay, thanks fot the fruit cake - was our treat yesterday afternoon!