Fri 25 Nov 2005 14:53
Day soon!
Here we are, a couple of hundred miles north of the Cape Verde Islands, sailing sort of 230degrees at around 7knots, in the sunshine, wind almost a northeast trade but not quite.  Very pleasant after the last few days which have been either no wind and motoring, or a very awkward swell that made sleeping etc. difficult.  Now we are off, and made 134 miles in the last 24 hours which ain't too bad.  Rob thinks we are still on track for an 18 day trip but the general consensus (going by the ongoing 'day to finish' bet in our tote) is for a few days more. 
Norm won the bet for the 'time to first 500 miles travelled' which we achieved at close to 1800hrs last night (Thursday).  The prize was (another) book of crossword puzzles and a magnetic darts set, which the Yorkies used to demonstrate the extent to which they both had a miss-spent youth.  The rest of us will need a little more practice to top their scores.
After a few tense days when expectations were running high but results noticeably poor, the onboard fishing expert (Clare) finally produced the goods, turning in a 450mm long dolphin fish that went down very well for supper.  Rob also performed well, catching two lit'luns that were were returned as Clare thought they were too pretty to keep.  His third catch now resides in our fridge, waiting the opportunity to finally grace our plates.
We have our very own tropical cyclone to look forward to, named (Delta).  A bit of a worry but is around 1000 miles away at present so hopefully won't be too much of a problem.  We are heading south to dodge it (hopefully).
Norman can read! 
Much to the surprise of all that know him, it has now been discovered that Norm can read.  Not only is he halfway through his fifth book (a previously dirty word in his vocabulary) but he has also been seen reading a recipe book - maybe this means that cooking is soon to be added to his already comprehensive repertoire!  The first dish will be corn based and has already caused the pigeon (Ref: web-log issued after start of ARC) to fall off her perch in anticipation. 
lots of dolphins playing in the bow wave..spotted i think..we were going to send you a picture (to make you all jealous) but Norm says it will take too long (therefore a very large phone bill). j thinks he saw 2 killer whales, definite sighting of some pilot whales but not sure which ones, a few flying fish, several storm petrels of sorts, an artic tern (?), a swallow (bit lost) and our spanish racing pigeon - last seen heading west, (so maybe we should have had pigeon pie).
Bye for now.
For those new to it, there now follows a comment by Jackie (hithertoo and forthwith referred to as HLS (her lady-ship)).
The wind is blowing, my skin is dry
Sometimes I wish I could fly.
Across the waves and the sea,
Will we ever get there, in time for tea?
HAng on a minute, Clares caught a fish,
So teas come to us - that was an easier wish.
Love to all,