Thailand Time Out.

Fri 24 Aug 2007 11:12

Thailand !I had put together my wishes on which countries we were going to visit

Over a few winter nights years ago. From Darwin Australia the normal route to Cape

Town did not go above the equator, not unless you were travelling over a period of

Years. But that was going to miss out on sailing to Thailand and once North of the

Equator we could visit Sri Lanka, Maldives, and the Seychelles on our way back down

South. So what, that we would probably have no wind from Indonesia to Thailand,

And then  have to sail the following 2000 miles into the South West Monsoon.

Which would be hard, wet and windy. The choice was made their was no way I was

Going to sail on the recommended routes and miss visiting these colourful countries.

Even if the sun would be shinning and the winds behind us on the southern route. So

July 07 saw Penguin Parked in the Boat Lagoon Phuket in the middle of the south

West monsoon season the rest of the globe trotting boats were either South of the Equator

Or would not be arriving in Thailand until December. One of the sad parts about that

Situation was that we no longer travelled amongst a group of other cruising boats which

Had always been fun. Oh well! we would have to make our own entertainment, and if we

Found that hard in Thailand there was no hope for us. 

  Will had jumped ship whilst we had been in Lankawi Malaysia he had an appointment

With a full moon party on one of the Islands in Thailand he was also hoping to get himself certified as an open water diver! That I am sure was going to keep him occupied.

 Niamh was also off on a live aboard diving trip on another group of Islands She was then

To meet up with a friend from Ireland for an excursion to Bankok, their was also talk of

Rock climbing, Cycling, temple visiting and Thai cooking, that for sure was going to keep her amused.

 Rob well He had a special treat install for him, two weeks Vacation with Jackie flying into Phuket from UK. It would be great to be sharing apart of my trip with Jackie again.

 The whole time we had been in NZ our time together had been spent in Budget Motels

With the occasional half decent rented house for a few days. As Jackie was Handling most things back in UK Including getting Jo and Nick back  settled after their time away.

 She was well deserving something special, She had also spent the last two weeks worried

About Jo who had been very ill, and had thought she might have had stayed home if things had not improved before her flight.

 So on the 3rd of July I picked Jackie up and took her to the Dusit Laguna hotel very smart, certainly not the usual Rob York Style but what the hell, She’s  worth it.

 I had hired a car so that we could get around the southern area of Thailand, long periods

Of travel not being part of our itinerary. The first week was to be spent on Phuket Island

Staying in a rather flash hotel. The ever attentive staff found it hard to work us out as most of the other guest where happy enough staying in the hotel complex, they thought

It a bit weird that anyone would want to go walking in the tropical jungle with so much

Heat, sweat, rain and leeches, it was also a mystery why anyone would want to spend time in the grimy, run down, cockroach ridden city of Phuket. But I suppose if that is

Where you find things interesting  then that is where you should be.

 We did do a Thai cooking course at the Hotel along with using the Tennis Courts, we attempted to play one morning and 40 minutes later had to give up as we were both being

Roasted by the Sun, so we had another try that evening before going back to our room

To watch the second week of Wimbledon on Sky TV……..I couldn’t  believe that Jackie

Had flown out of UK whilst Wimbledon was still playing.  

View to the sea from our hotel balcony.



 The Warnings for young Thai Girls are painted on the walls of the temples.


Jackie being told she must not corrupt young Buddhist Monks.

Gibbons.. G

During our second week we travelled around the coast to Krabi. Have enclosed photos as my words would not do the scenery justice, also included encounters with Elephant’s,

Gibbons and one or two visits to Buddhist Temples.

Beautiful National Park.

During the second week we ran across Niamh and her friend Ailes they had spent the previous three days doing a rock climbing course  on the Spectacular limestone cliffs

And where full of themselves. And so we past our time exploring the area’s forest’s ,

Temples caves and beaches, not to mention one or two restaurants. All to soon it was

Time to head back to Phuket for our last night at the Dusit Laguna. Also time enough

For Jackie to give me my last thrashing on the ……..Tennis Court, before She was back

On the plane to dear old England. The weeks had flown,  It was such a shame that life

In a 44ft Plastic tube floating on top of the Ocean Did not suit Jackie.


 Penguin had been left in the Hands of  the boat doctors in the Boat Lagoon and I was expecting to arrive their put the Antifoul  back on the hull and Launch Her ready for

A sail around the Islands and then on to Sri Lanka. But the best laid plans never work,

They were still working on the Hull and it was going to be at least another 5 days before

The work would be complete. Which was very frustrating but the work was being carried

Out to extremely good standards  at 1/3 the price of the UK so I had to kick back and let

Them get on and get it finished. Their was certainly plenty to do and after a couple of days I was able to start painting the Hull.  Niamh and Will were sent email for the new

Mustering date, so on the  25th of July we once again had a full crew and a Smart Ship

Shape Yacht to go Sailing in. We also found ourselves with one extra crew, Niamh`s  friend Ailes had been persuaded to give this Sailing thing a go, So she signed herself on

As crew for the trip to Sri Lanka. I did mention to them both that we would be sailing the

Next 1100 miles into the South West Monsoon winds and it was going to be wet windy

And pretty uncomfortable, but these Irish Girls are a Hardy bunch she was happy to give

It a go.  On the 26th July we did a big stock up and got our Clearance out of Thailand.

At 8 oclock the following one of the guys  from the boat yard Piloted Penguin down the

Channel through the mangroves and back out to Sea. We then made our way to the south

Of Phuket Island where we had a final swim in Thai Waters. Also allowing Ailes her final look at Land for at least 8days and her last chance to jump ship. But her mind was

Set She was ready to give it a go, the next land was to be Sri Lanka and if all went well

That would be in 7or 8 days if things went bad it might take us 14 days, but I don’t think

That thought came into the equation.

  So their you go another Land visited and another chapter complete, Hope I still have at

Least one reader left out their If not I am sure all this will keep me amused when I am old

And Grey. Bye for now.


Welcome to a whole new World  Ailes  steering across Indian Ocean.