Wed 30 Nov 2005 12:05
Day 10 (I think)
Hi to Ben & Sam, and anyone else reading this.
Here we are, bobbing along merrily.  Two days ago no wind at all, so we swam, in water 4538m deep - no one could touch the bottom!  No shark attacks or any other wildlife seen at the time.  Yesterday hit the trade winds and now rocking along at 7-8knots, blue  sea, blue sky, waves about 6ft high with whitecaps on, wind a little on the fresh side at around 25knots.  Nearly cracked the 200mile in a day barrier, but not quite (14 miles short).  Should be there soon, at this rate!
No fish caught, probably as going too fast, but did have a couple of visitors - two flying fish arrived, one landing on deck and the other managing to fall through the hatch into the cabin. 
Clare made bread yesterday -pretty good it was, too.  Eaten with lovely homemade bean casserole by Jackie. The boat must already be a few centimetres higher out of the water than when we started because of all the food we've eaten, so we're still managing to tuck it away and staying fit & healthy.
We all had the worst nights sleep last night ever, as boat rolling around all over the place.  So a short log today as rather tired.  Will  catch up more next time, with update on the pigeon plus a run down of a typical day on the life of a Penguin.
The crew.